Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Think Back Tuesday -- Some Things Make Me Smile

My random bits of joy were all over the place this week, and for a while I wasn't sure that I had a lot of those peace down to my soul and a silly grin for no reason moments, but I did.

1-Baby snowman. OK, so not really a snowman, and not so much of a baby any more. But come on, who couldn't get a smile and a few moments joy out of those pudgy baby cheeks and a plastic carrot in her mouth, coming so close to a snowman's nose.

2-A walk in shorts and a tank top with the neighborhood dogs. There's a magical period in the spring when the days are warm and the underbrush, especially poison ivy, isn't growing, that I like to take to the woods on weekend afternoons. When I do my big dogs and the big dogs who live down the road join me. We're not there yet, but a warm Sunday saw me slipping on my hiking sneakers and my cargo shorts and taking off for a quick hike to the river. The dogs were ecstatic and promptly jumped three deer that I managed to not get mowed down by. I lost one of the four accompanying dogs, (the newest to the area)but my dogs plus one enjoyed going to the river and a quick dip.

3-Sending Shelby, a rescue pit bull, to a new home. Don't get me wrong, Shelby is a great dog but unlike Pedro, who has never known life as a real pet so doesn't mind being kenneled, being in the kennel for more than a month bothered her. The young man who came and picked her up seemed nice and sincere and that's about the best you can hope for with most rescues. I know that some rescuers go to extremes to find a "good" home for dogs and cats in their care, but honestly, some people who might not come across as the most outstanding people in society take the best care of their animals.

4-Unexpectedly making it to PiYo and Zumba last night. The classes are a wonderful outlet for me and not only let me exercise, but socialize. I feel like they help center me sometimes. Monday afternoon I didn't think I could go because the babies' daddy was stuck at work after someone hit the building with their car, but he was off in time and three little ones were able to go home early.

5-The wren who has hung out all winter on my front porch, stealing random bits of soft cat food and eating from the suet block. Monday morning he (or she, there are actually two of them) was perched in the dogwood outside my window singing up a storm.

6-The least one's excited greeting for me when I took her sisters home after gymnastics on Thursday. She had gone home early with her daddy so I could help E2 with her moves. When we got home, she met me at the door with her little arms up and her happy sounds.

7-My mom and dad stopping for an unplanned visit on Friday. When we all lived closer, we were a drop-in any time family, but since I moved to Carolina, even though they are nearby often, they don't usually just stop by. E1 practically threw herself at my dad, which I know made his day if not his week, and we had a sweet visit before they headed back up the mountain.

8-A call from my cousin in Richmond, Va. She is several years older than me, so despite being my only girl first cousin, we were never close growing up and after Granny died we didn't speak or see each other. A year or so ago she called out of the blue and we're closer than we ever were when we spent time in the same house every Sunday. She never had any children, but she rescues dogs and we understand one another at that level as well as sharing family history. Sometimes she's a better outlet than someone much closer might be.

Once again the challenge -- remember your moments of joy from the week because perhaps, like me, it means that whatever has you down at the moment isn't as all consuming as it feels.

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